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Digestive Enzyme – Better Digestion & Nutrient Absorption, Fights Bloating, Gas & Constipation For A Healthy Tummy
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Digestive Enzyme – Better Digestion & Nutrient Absorption, Fights Bloating, Gas & Constipation For A Healthy Tummy

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Benefits Of Digestive Enzymes:

  • Aid in Breaking Down Proteins & Fats
  • Promotes Proper Absorbtion
  • Improves Digestive Health
  • Relieves Gastrointestinal Discomfort

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Digestive Enzyme supplements help the body break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to assist the body in breaking down and assimilating nutrients to make more energy and give you a healthier life force.

This vitamin supplement can help the body regain the nutrients and enzymes that most people are missing out on due to their lack of raw foods from our diets.

Benefit of Consuming NutriElix Digestive Enzyme

  • ADVANCED ENZYME FORMULA: No more fearing food intolerance and avoiding certain foods, this complete multi enzyme complex digest proteins, carbs, fats, sugars, wheat, dairy, grains, gluten, lactose and more, for a better digestion.
  • BROAD SPECTRUM BLEND:  A digestive relief formula that breaks down unwanted wastes such as toxins, cellular debris and undigested proteins. Helps relieve inflammatory bowel discomfort, IBS, bloating and gas with the combination of ingredients such as protease, bromelain and papain
  • NATURAL PREBIOTIC & PROBIOTIC BALANCE:Offering beneficial gut bacteria for a healthy digestion & immune system; 18 critical enzymes: amylase, lipase, lactase & many more, supporting natural intestinal flora and nutrient absorption
  • Achieve digestive comfort today. Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes are powerful supplements with a natural Enzyme, Prebiotic, and Probiotic blend to promote healthy digestion for men and women.
  • Hard-to-digest foods have met their match. This formula features an Advanced Multi Enzyme System to help you digest fried, spicy, raw, and processed foods, plus dairy and acidic fruits and veggies.
  • Supports gut flora & enzyme levels as you age – The Prebiotic, Probiotics (L-Acidophilus, L-Plantarum, L-Salivarius), and Enzymes support gut bacteria and enzymes your body isn’t producing as you age.

After consuming this Nutri Elix Digestive Enzym Supplement, you may enjoy food without any hesitation afterwards. Grab it fast!

Nutri Elix Digestive Enzyme Pro Blend Capsules are 100% all-natural. They are vegan, gluten free, sugar free, antibiotic free, and non-GMO. 30 Day Supply – 60 Capsules.

All Nutri Elix supplements are manufactured and packaged in an FDA-approved facility and follow stringent GMP guidelines. Third Party Tested for quality & purity.
Made in the USA


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