BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon) – 325 Grams - Best Powder Supplements to Boost Your Health
BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon) – 325 Grams – Best Powder Supplements to Boost Your Health
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BCAA Shock Powder (Watermelon) – 325 Grams – Best Powder Supplements to Boost Your Health



Benefits of Nutri Elix BCAA Shock Powder Supplements

  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Effective for muscle growth in older age
  • Increased fat burning
  • Reduce Fatigue & Improve performance:
  • Prevents damage from long duration exercise:

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Best Powder Supplements to Boost Your Health

BCAA Nutri ELix supplements or “Branched Chain Amino Acids” are made generally made up of three main amino acids which are not produced in the human body, but are needed for muscle growth and recovery. These include valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Normally these Amino Acids are found in everyday food. However, when you put your body through intense stress such as strength training and exercise, it becomes difficult for your body to absorb enough BCAA’s through food to allow your body to fully recover the way you need.

Watermelon is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It supports healthy skin, hair, and heart function and may even assist in muscle recovery after exercise. Combined with Chain Amino Acids, being the best combination of BCAA powder.

Benefits of Nutri Elix BCAA Shock Powder Supplements

  1. Increase protein synthesis:

Branched chain amino acids help the body increase the protein synthesis which helps repair damaged muscles caused by weightlifting and exercise. Boosting your body’s natural ability to synthesis protein also helps to prevent muscle loss for athletes unable to workout due to injuries.

  1. Effective for muscle growth in older age:

Leucine is important to help with the proper functioning of the muscles and to help them grow. With increased age, the body tends to have a tougher time getting this powerful amino acid from food alone. Resulting in the lose of muscle tissue in older people. This makes BCAA supplement capsules a must have and extremely valuable to help maintain muscle volume and strength in older individuals, or those pushing their bodies to the limit to perform at a high level.

  1. Increased fat burning:

BCAA Nutri Elix supplements play a key role in breaking down fat in the body and converting it to energy to be used. So supplementing with a quality private label BCAA supplement can help you boost your metabolism and help you lose excess weight and trim your waistline.

  1. Reduce Fatigue & Improve performance:

Every athlete, bodybuilder or fitness fanatic wants improve their performance and achieve their fitness goals. Nutri Elix BCAA supplements help these individuals to a achieve their goals by helping them bounce back from tough workouts quicker.

Nutri Elix Supplement is one of the best BCAA supplements to help athletes reduce fatigue and repair muscles is our private label Resto Supplement. This supplement is taken before you go to bed to work with your body as you sleep to flood your muscles with the nutrients it needs to repair muscle and help you get a natural deep sleep.  Allowing you to get the deeper rest your body craves in less time, so you can get 6 hours of sleep and wake as if you had 10. And with this all-natural supplement there are no adverse or addicting effects like a lot of the other sleep aids out there.

  1. Prevents damage from long duration exercise:

For many athletes like runners, cyclist, and triathletes’ long workouts are a continual and constant thing, and can be problematic for building muscle tissue. BCAA supplement powder ensures and prevents muscle loss during such training sessions


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