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We are a brand which has been born into mother nature. It’s time to create a new living.

About Nutri Elix Nutritions & Supplements

Supplement Quality Is Our Top Priority

Since 2014, we have been relentlessly creating the most effective and safe weight management, sports nutrition, fitness and general health products and programs to take the guesswork and gruntwork out of looking and feeling your best. We have the experience, the scientific research, and the best people to make innovative, quality solutions that fulfill your health needs.

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A perfect fit for your every day life

Complete. Personalization.

Your body and goals are unique to you. So whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, balance your hormones, fill nutrient deficiencies, have more energy to get through the day, or run a marathon, we’ve got customized solutions for you. From convenient ways to get more greens or protein into your day to sleep aids to appetite control, we’ve got you covered!

Simplicity in design and form

Complete. Satisfaction

We want you to be satisfied in life—and with our products. We are honored to have countless testimonials of people who have improved their health and lives with Nutri Elix. We’ re so confident that our products will help you too, that we offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee on everything we make.

When you have the tools you need to help your body function optimally, life keeps getting better and better. So no matter what life throws at you or what your body is going through, we’re here to make your life complete!

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Our Values

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Customers Come First

Since 2014 we’ve earned your trust and respect because our decisions are informed by your needs. We pride ourselves on being your #1 choice for supplements.

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Wellness for Everybody

We offer products designed for everyone from elite athletes to people just beginning their health journey. We’re passionate about helping you become the best YOU.

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No Short Cuts

We ensure that all our products are made with the highest level of safety and formulated by scientists for efficacy in GMP facilities using premium quality ingredients.

The products are EXCELLENT! The low carb high protein in the products I purchased provided a large savings. I will never purchase similar products from other companies in the future.
Products are fresh, natural and less expensive than any other companies I have used in the PAST.
Thank you for providing protein products that are affordable and natural.
Nancy Brooks
Oslo, Norway
I have been ordering my weight loss supplements (food) through Nutri Elix Nutrition for over 2 years now. I have never had a problem with an order and many of the orders have actually arrived early. Nutri Elix is a fantastic company with great products!
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Brenda Barnes

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